100 Free Spins with Playamo Casino Bonus Codes

What is your preferred online casino game? For some, its likely a variation of poker or blackjack since traditional card games are more their style. For others its sports betting, an extension of the gambler's love for basketball, horseracing, or volleyball. For most players, however, slots reign supreme. Online slots or pokies do a wonderful job of mimicking the slot machines gamblers remember from brick and mortar casinos. They have only become more entertaining, with casinos selecting the best of the best slots from industry-leading casino game providers like Neteller or Microgaming. It's no wonder gamblers new or old run to 100 free spins bonuses.

100 free spins bonuses, and free spins bonuses in general, are beloved by gamblers of every experience level. However, there are always new player bonuses that turn out to be duds, and 100 free spins bonuses are no different. We are here to talk about all things free spins! This guide will show you the kinds of free spin bonuses out there, how to find the best 100 free spins bonus for you, and more. Plus, we want to give you a strong case study; Playamo Casino's bonus codes yield 100 free spins with fair terms and conditions all around. We hope our guide helps you on your quest for the best 100 free spins bonus.

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What Are Free Spin Bonuses?

There are three main new player promotions that you may or may not have run into searching for online casinos: matched deposit bonuses, no deposit bonuses, and free spins bonuses. Matched deposit bonuses are given to players who register with the casino and make an initial deposit. A percentage of the deposit is then matched or added to the deposit, giving the player more money to wager--often double their original deposit. Playamo Casino's first deposit code is for a matched deposit bonus of 100% up to $100, making it a $200 bonus in total. No deposit bonuses don't require a player's deposit; instead the house gives free money upon account set up so gamblers can dive right in.

The third new player promotion is the one we are most concerned with here--free spins bonuses. They are exactly what you think they are--a bonus of free spins. To be more exact, this bonus gives you free reel spins on slot games and progressive jackpots, the first games that players usually want to test out first. No matter the gambler, slot games are clear favorites for their simplicity and reliable return-to-player (RTP) percentages. Free spins bonuses come in many sizes, 20, 50, 100 free spins being the normal range. Some gambling sites offer even more to new players, and regular players often pick up free spin rewards along the way.

Types of These Gambling Bonuses

Free spins bonuses are often connected to larger new player packages, so many variations of this bonus exist. The 100 free spins bonus offered at one online casino will differ widely from the 100 free spins bonus offered elsewhere. This is due to the kind of bonus package free spins are attached to, the wagering requirements of these packages, and other details in the terms and conditions. Be aware of your 100 free spins promotion's fine print before making a commitment with your casino.

The most prevalent free spins bonuses you will encounter are deposit free spins, no deposit free spins, and bonus code activated free spins. Deposit free spins could also be called matched deposit free spins, since this bonus is usually attached to matched deposit new player promos. A matched deposit may be a 100% match on the first three deposits you make, up to $300 each. That bonus more often then not will come with a number of free spins for specific slot games or progressive jackpots, such as 30 free spins or 100 free spins. Playamo Casino's codes for the first two deposits include 100 free spins and 50 free spins, for example.

No deposit free spins are free reel spins given to new players without an initial deposit. Instead, the house gives new players free money to use on slot games. This promotion allows gamblers to get started without having to invest any funds, eliminating risk from that preliminary period of gameplay. You may be less likely to receive 100 free spins, but you still receive a good number of spins. While some no deposit free spins bonuses are straightforward, some free spins earnings are used as your no deposit bonus.

Free spins bonus codes activate most kinds of free spins bonuses, including the ones we have just mentioned. Not all casinos require a bonus code, some opting to give a 100 free spins bonus upon account set up. Playamo Casino has code-activated Friday and Monday free spins bonuses, in addition to their 100 free spins and 50 free spins promos.

Advantages vs. Disadvantages

Free spins bonuses, no matter what type you want to claim, have their benefits and caveats. It is up to you if the pros of a free spins bonus are worth the cons. The most obvious benefit of free spins promos is that you get free reel spins of slot games. What is left unspoken sometimes is that free spins are opportunities for gamblers to try a casino on for size. You can get a feel for the game selection and quality without too much risk involved. Even if a deposit is necessary to claim the 100 free spins bonus, good and well-tested slots and pokies will have a fair RTP percentage. Even experienced players like an easier time winning, at least upon new membership. Free spins promos are valuable for these reasons.

However, there are general qualities about free spins bonuses that can be a turn-off for some gamblers. Free spins earnings can be on the smaller side per spin of the reel. The bonuses may only be applicable to a specific few slot games, and one progressive jackpot. Playamo Casino's codes apply to the Lucky Lady's Clover slot game only. The allowed slot games may be good quality, but some players may want more variety for their spins. Another important factor is the expiration date on your spins. There's nothing worse than getting 100 free spins, but having to play them all through in just a few days. When you claim bonuses with Playamo Casino codes, the 100 free spins deal is spread out over five days, 20 spins a day. While perfectly fine for frequent slot players, the average gambler may want more time to spin those reels than a Playamo Casino code would allow.

Wagering Requirements to Qualify for Bonus Offers

Free spins are not created equal. Unless you are a regular, experienced gambler, the number of times you must playthrough your bonus can lessen your enjoyment significantly. This stipulation is known as a wagering requirement. Wagering requirements, also called playthrough policies and rollover obligations, refer to the number of time your balance and/or winnings must be bet, wagered, played through, or rolled over before you can withdraw any money. For example, Playamo Casino bonus codes unlock 100 free spins and 50 free spins for the first two deposits, but both bonuses have a 50x wagering requirement. Among online casinos, 50x is an average amount and somewhat tolerable. Unfortunately, some casinos will put 70x, 80x, 90x and even 100x wagering requirements on their bonuses, free spins included. This makes it nearly impossible for the average gambler to pocket anything they've won, since its easy to use up your bonus before reaching the wagering requirement.

We recommend that for free spin bonuses, you look for the ones that have 50x wagering requirements or less. Playamo Casino's codes are a great example, but others abound. Under 30x low wagering bonuses are even better, and you will have a better shot at pocketing free spin money.


The Best Way to Use 100 Free Spins

How can you get the most value out of a 100 free spins bonus? Use your free spins as practice games. Slots are an excellent game type for new members who are new to the gambling world and want to dip their toes in without risking too much of their own money. Playamo Casino's bonus codes, while time-controlled, still give you the opportunity to experiment. By the time your bonus is played through, you will have a good idea of what to expect from the casino, and can decide for yourself if you want to stay or walk away.

Playamo Casino's bonus codes for free spins are comparable to the best free spins promos out there. For gamblers unsure of what to look for in a free spin bonus, use Playamo Casino's offers and our guide. Happy hunting.