Meaning and Use of Highroller Casino Bonuses

Casinos use a couple of goodies to attract you to play on their machines. These can range from welcome bonuses, loyalty programs, no deposit offers, and so much more. However, few get to hear about the Highroller bonus. Why? Because it's exclusive to a select group of players. These people are usually called the highrollers or in casino slang, whales.what-is-a-highroller-bonus

Who is a Highroller?

This is someone who has the cash to spend big in a casino. These individuals tend to deposit money higher than the fair limits set by the establishment and in most cases, are headed towards VIP status. Therefore, these individuals are rarely moved by the standard bonuses set for regular players and usually go for higher deposits that can be backed up by bigger bonuses.

Such kinds of individuals tend to receive special attention from the establishment thanks to their high spending lifestyle.what-is-a-highroller-bonus

What is a Highroller Casino Bonus

This is a casino bonus that you'll be awarded if you befit the big spenders status. It usually comes as part of the VIP program. Unlike regular rewards, this one comes with bigger gains such as being allowed higher bonuses at bookies and gambling stations. However, you need to deposit big.

For instance, a casino may offer a standard welcome bonus consisting of a 100% match. This may double any deposit you make, over $20, up to $100. However, for a highroller bonus, the offer may be a smaller 50% match, but the total amount you'll be able to claim will be as high as $1000 or $2000. However, the deposit will have to be larger, say in the tunes of $500.

As far as the size of deposits goes, casinos tend to have different thresholds for one to achieve the Highroller status. However, some of them even don't provide VIP programs that may befit this status. Thus, it's important that you do a background check on the establishment you are playing on to see if they have such an offer.what-is-a-highroller-bonus

Advantages of this Bonus

Once you achieve the Highroller status, you are considered special by the online gambling establishment. Apart from the higher returns you get off your deposits, the gambling establishment may offer you instant VIP access to their loyalty club. VIP access differs from regular access in the following ways:

  • You'll acquire loyalty points faster than standard players
  • You'll experience faster withdrawal times
  • You'll have more personalized support, with a personal account manager

Apart from the gains you'll get from joining the loyalty program as a VIP, your status will also give you exclusive first access to new games, special tournaments, customized promotions, free gifts, among others. These are usually outlined in the terms and conditions.what-is-a-highroller-bonus

You Don't Have to be VIP

Spending big doesn't mean you have to attract all the attention from the rest of the players and the establishment. In case you prefer a quieter lifestyle, you can opt-out of VIP treatment or contact the casino's customer support to discuss your terms. However, make sure you carefully review the full offer before you dismiss parts of it, for a rewarding online gambling experience.